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Largo Winch II (released internationally as The Burma Conspiracy) is a 2011 French action thriller film based on the Belgian comic book Largo Winch.

Ларго Винч 2: Заговор в Бирме. Largo Winch II.

Largo Winch, the newly appointed CEO of the W Group, is accused of crimes against humanity on the very day he announces his intention to sell his corporation and use the proceeds to create a humanitarian foundation.

Largo Winch II. Largo Winch II. IMDb 6.2

Ларго Винч 2: Заговор в Бирме. Largo Winch II. 2011. , Бельгия, Франция, Германия.

В ролях: Томер Сислей, Шэрон Стоун, Ульрих Тукур и др.

Largo Winch (2008, Франция, Бельгия), IMDb: 6.5.

Largo Winch II.

Largo Winch offers up an intelligent thrill ride and the character himself has the moral complexity of Bruce Wayne. I loved the film and feel that it offers some It's a film that flies through its frantic pace with the greatest of ease, delivering a couple of real surprises along with set pieces that pay sincere...

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